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“If we do meet again, why, we shall smile…

  If not, why then this parting was well made.” Julius Caesar – Act V Scene 1 Anthony Ridley sat alone in the men’s dressing room. Outside in the green room, an ensemble of 19 to 22 year-old college kids were cacophonous. The man, working  among children, went about applying his makeup and his line […]

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The Housewrighter - iPhone Imaging

iPhone Imaging Classes – How do you do this stuff?

Capture, Process, Post I teach iPhone imaging classes in the Bay Area and around the country. If you would like to get better results from your iPhone camera, let me help you. I offer group classes and one-to-one lessons. I also lead trips abroad, where we shoot, eat, and enjoy great wines, in some of […]



Father Figures and Ford Mustangs – Part 2

This is the continuation of Father Figures and Ford Mustangs Part 1 The speedometer only went to 85  in those days, and it had been pegged since before the last gear change. Andrew’s eyes were fixed firmly on the road, while Kelly and Angie vied for rearview mirror territorial supremacy. Mike nervously glanced from the […]

FatherThe Housewrighter - Father Figures and Ford Mustangs

Father Figures and Ford Mustangs

Father Figures and Ford Mustangs is series of fiction on the actions and dreams of a young man, reared in rural Texas. The series is part of my upcoming book and my first piece of new prose for The Housewrighter. Mike pushed hard on the sides of his head, attempting to hold his hair flat […]

The Blissful Adventurer - Michael Housewright

My Dinner with Malcolm Gladwell (Part 1)

On Tuesday afternoon I went into my beloved Catalina coffee for an afternoon pour-over of their fabulous Rwanda coffee that had recently arrived. I had just eaten a below-average lunch at a “hot” joint on Wash-Av and needed a dose of quality in my diet to assuage the misery in my still hungry stomach. At my […]