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 I have no capacity to belong to one place, to drink one country’s wine, or to dine with only one people 

The Housewrighter is a journey in travel, food, and wine shared through prose and photography. Michael Housewright weaves together lasting impressions of travel. His goal is to illustrate a community through its daily routines, landscapes, and dining habits. Terroir is a concept in wine that suggests one may detect a sense of place simply by drinking a wine produced there. Michael’s stories intend to illustrate the terroir of travel. Revel in Michael’s tales through this site, or join him on one of his adventures in the coming years, either way, prepare to be “Housewrighted.”

Mini Bio

Michael was raised in rural North Texas, and is a graduate of The University of Dallas. He has lived and worked on and off in Italy for over 20 years, traveled to 37 countries, and cooked, dined, and shared stories with hundreds of people across the globe.

Michael Contributes to the Following Publications:

Your Life as a Trip

Marche Life (coming soon)

Michael’s Photos Have Been Exhibited in the following Galleries:

Vermont Center for Photography

Gallery NRC – Denver Colorado

Miraflores Winery – Private Show