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The Housewrighter is the brand and website of photographer and writer Michael Housewright. Michael was raised in rural North Texas and is a graduate of The University of Dallas. He has lived and worked, on and off, in Italy for over 20 years, traveled to 37 countries, cooked, dined, and shared stories with hundreds of people across the globe. After 16 years in the wine and restaurant industries, Michael decided that living the stories he was sharing with clients was the only way to fulfill his enormous curiosity and addiction to newness. Personal growth, gaining tolerance and overcoming natural human fears drive him to pull up shallow roots and change living locations, without hesitation. The artist believes that travel engages components of our minds and souls that can atrophy very quickly with age and the perceptions of responsibility. “Experiencing the unknown connects us to the most elastic parts of ourselves.”

As a leading photographer for wineries and wine publications, Michael journeys across the globe and shares the daily experiences of people for whom a connection to the earth is essential to their survival. Wine is a leading contributor to significant human interaction. “Peaceful discourse and convivial acceptance are byproducts of wine consumption. I can share this with words, images, and now through beautiful video. I am only rotting and becoming closer to death if I toil in the service of money. My delight is serving the greater human experience. And sharing tiny tidbits of daily life through dramatic interpretation. In essence, I have no capacity to belong to one place, to drink one country’s wine, or to dine with only one people, and I will not.”

The Housewrighter is now collaborating with other top photographers and cinematographers to create beautiful and sweeping motion video for winery clients, and a new travel show debuting in 2017.

Michael currently resides in Northern California with his wife and their dreams

Michael Contributes to the Following Publications:

Wine Enthusiast Magazine – featured photographer 

Your Life as a Trip – writer 

Purely Domestic Wine Report  – featured photographer and cover image Dec 2015

Michael’s Photos Have Been Exhibited in the following Galleries:

The Main Gallery of Redwood City 

Vermont Center for Photography

Gallery NRC – Denver Colorado

Miraflores Winery – Private Show

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