Our Work Chosen for Gallery Show!

The Blissful Adventurer - Our Work in Lights

Juliet’s Big Sur “Collision” was chosen! (all rights reserved)

In what was enormous good news around our camp, Juliet and I had images selected by a professional jury for the 3rd Annual Gallery NRC Mobile Phone Photography show in Denver Colorado. All images must have been taken and edited (preferably) with a mobile phone. As many of you know Juliet was in the show last year with this amazing shot of Venice. The show runs September 26, 2013 – October 19, 2013 and is free to the public. We will have framed images and prints for sale at the exhibition. We are fully committed to continuing our lives in this creative pursuit and one day hope to operate a gallery of our own.

Please enjoy viewing these images as we enjoyed capturing and editing them.



The Blissful Adventurer

Captured just a few short miles from the Gallery NRC Spring of 2012 (image by Juliet and all rights reserved

The Blissful Adventurer

I jumped in front of the vintage cable car along SF’s Embarcadero (all rights reserved)

The Blissful Adventurer

My 645 Pro Capture just above the famous Ridge Monte Bello Vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains (all rights reserved)



Hipstography and Hong Kong – They Love Me

Hipstography - The Blissful Adventurer

Hong Kong Cash

I was recently published in a very cool online magazine for Hipstamatic photographers called Hipstography. This gallery of 18 of my native Hipstamatic images from my journey to Hong Kong was a real honor. To date, this has been my most successful photography trip and I look forward to returning there soon. I encourage you all to check out Hipstography and give a shout out to its fabulous author, Eric Rozen (the blog is in English and French) While I have been noticeably absent from my blogging duties I have been quite fortunate with my photos lately as I will share in subsequent posts.

I appreciate very much all the support from fellow bloggers over the past 2 years and my art is starting to gain traction thanks largely to your encouragement and readership. Stay tuned :-)

Photo trip to Puglia – The Time is Now

The Blissful Adventurer - iPhone and Puglia

Capture Images Like These

Only one week remains to join us for The iPhone and Puglia trip to Italy Oct 22-29. Click Here to See Trip Details[Read more...]

Seeking the Good Life in Montalcino, Italy (my latest post on YLIAT)

The Blissful Adventurer - Montalcino

The View at Terralsole

Today, the wonderful Your Life is A Trip experiential travel site, posted my second piece for them, Finding Mario Bollag  about my first visit to the beautiful Terralsole winery in Montalcino, Italy. This piece, while short, tells the story of how Juliet and I made our way from Rome airport to the brilliance of Tuscany in a 5 and a half hour adventure.

In addition, we have a few slots remaining on our iPhone Journey to Puglia this October. I would love for some of my readers to join me in this amazing experience in Italy. The iPhone and Puglia – 8 Days and 7 Nights in the Gorgeous Heel of the Boot.



The Amazing Odie Housewright – Happy 95th Birthday!

Me, Odie, and Juliet

Odie Housewright is my grandmother. She is 95 years old today! Happy Birthday Little Odie, Juliet and I are sick we cannot be there to celebrate with you. [Read more...]

Happy Anniversary Juliet – Four Years on the Path

The Blissful Adventurer - Anniversary

An Infinite Path (Photo by Loren J Root)

I like tradition. I like it when it evolves from something so simple and becomes its own existence. Writing to you Juliet on significant dates has become my cherished tradition. In this act of sharing with the world my unceasing love for you I find keys to understanding my own existence. I discover new elements of you and me that were not there only an occasion before now. What is this four years together? What is the significance of the constructs we hold closely as if they are inalienable? Why do I sound like the narrator from a Terence Malick film when I wax philosophical? I am not sure I can answer any of these questions, so I will share some insight into us and let the world decide who we are. [Read more...]

iPhone Puglia Vacation – Join Me!

The Blissful Adventurer - iPhone and Puglia

The Iconic Trulli Cones of Puglia

The iPhone Puglia is an 8 day – 7 Night Journey with me, The Blissful Adventurer, and iPhone Photography Icon  Sam Krisch to the must-see region of Puglia, Italy. From October 22-29 of 2013 an intimate group of passionate travelers will experience the most authentic journey into the heart of Southern Italy. Equipped with iPhones, passion, and lots of local wine, we will document one of the last remaining realms of traditional Italian living. Southern Visions Travel, the most authentic operator in the region will be managing every detail for us on this trip, and trust me, they are the absolute best in the business [Read more...]

Twenty Five 25 Word Travel Essays

Travel Photos - The Blissful Adventurer

Maroon Bells, CO

Twenty Five 25 Word Travel Essays is a quick link to the very cool-

TRAVELING ALONE: 25 Very Very Short Stories  (click this link to read)

I am # 25 and I encourage you to read them all before you get to mine. Also, please subscribe to the wonderful Your Life is a Trip experiential travel blog. I am a regular contributor.



Italy Images – iPhone 5 Editing Tutorial

The Blissful Adventurer - Italy

A Solitary Vineyard Near Marsala

Italy Images – iPhone 5 Editing Tutorial is a sampling of my recent work editing standard DSLR images using only my iPhone 5. I am very excited about the quality and style of these photos and I want to share with you today some details on how and why I edit as I do. [Read more...]

Italy Rules – Expanded

The Blissful Adventurer - Michael Housewright

Spaghetti with Clams – Le Marche

What a wonderful and sometimes intense set of responses from my previous post – The Italy Rules. I want to take a little time today to expand and expound on some of my thoughts and provide further insight into traveling in Italy.

1. Italy Guides – Here is my short list of who I would travel with and why in Italy.

  • The Rome Digest - This new and wonderful consortium of talented Rome guides includes my dear friend Katie Parla, who is my champion of all things Roman (pork, gelato, beer, wine, art, history, and life) If you are going to spend time in Rome, and you should, let the Rome digest draw a map for you
  • VeniceRow Venice Nan McIlroy is one of the most knowledgeable people in Italy regarding living life, eating well, and getting out on the water. Don’t pay 200 euro for a snooze on a gondola. Pay less and get out there and learn to do it yourself. Easily one of the greatest experiences I have ever had in Italy
  • TuscanyJudy Francini will cook with you and teach you what it means to truly experience life in Tuscany. Reach out to her. She has been cooking successfully for her Italian husband for years. She will teach you how to impress anyone.
  • Puglia – this is a bit biased but I can vouch for the unbeatable quality of Southern Visions Travel. Antonello Losito leads this superior company leading the most authentic excursions into Italy’s tastiest region. From 1 day to 1 month, these guys are amazing
  • Le MarcheMariano Pallottini - the best guides are sometimes not guides. For this truly under-the-radar region no one can show visitors the ropes like Mariano. Please tell him I sent you.
  • Travel for Teens - If you would like to send your son or daughter on one of the most amazing experiences to be had. I strongly suggest using Travel for Teens. Managed and operated by a group of passionate, intelligent, and experienced men and women, TFT is the leader in volunteer and cultural travel in Italy for students. Ask for Ned or Nick and your young adult will be blown away
  • For other Italian regions I have friends of friends and would be happy to do some research for you [Read more...]