Blissful Adventures – Casting Call

Are You Ready For Your Closeup?

Calling all interested in sharing their Bliss! 

I am looking for a few good bloggers to guest blog on The Blissful Adventure while I  am traveling in Italy in May.

Travel Bloggers, Food Bloggers, Photographers, and Humorists to the front of the line :-)

For 25 consecutive days I will post a morning blog from one of my talented colleagues in on of the following topics:

  • Italy Travel – Because that is where I will be
  • Italian Food – Because this is what I will be eating (recipes are required)
  • Italy Photos – Because I will be taking them too
  • Italy Humor – If you have a funny story about being in Italy from Italy or married to an Italian.
  • Haiku – I will definitely need the Haiku Sunday to continue so if you can post at least 5 original images (preferably of Italy) and do 5 Haiku the job is yours

I will post in the afternoons or evenings in days when I can find a break in the action; otherwise, I will be relying on my team (my fellow bloggers) to keep my blog fresh and alive.

If you have an interest in being part of this fun and community-building exercise email your idea(s) to me at 

All entries will be sent to me and approved in advance. Your posts will introduce you as the guest blogger and link readers directly to your blog. I encourage you all to post a link to your guest appearance on the day the blog will run which I will inform you of in advance. If you are selected to guest blog on TBA all entries must be in by Sunday April 29, 2012 to be considered.

I am confident this will be great fun!


Michael – The Blissful Adventurer


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    i'm sensing a theme. i'm picking up a vibe. i see another country, possibly another continent. hmmm. i see food and wine. i see hills and old world charm.


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    Hrrmm…if someone who is not photographically challenged would like me to write Haiku for their pictures, I'd be thrilled!

    Two silly samples for you. First, an Italian limerick:

    A handsome young man from piedmont
    liked to be, with the girls, nonchalant
    until one day they jumped him
    and battered and bumped him
    crying "tell us, which one do you want?"

    And a sort of haiku.

    a flag of pasta, drying
    in the breeze it waves
    white-on-white, Italian pride

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    Happy travels Michael! I'll put on some Dino and live vicariously through your blissful adventures. I look forward to reading your guest bloggers. :)

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    I will most definitely be sending you an email or two with possible 'guest-blogging' potential. Needless to say, I will focus on le ricette.

    My only off-the-top-of-my-head funny story of my time in Italia involved me asking Il Cuoco di La Ciau del Tornavento if he ever served horse at his restaurant, because the braised beef he had done sure tasted like dead horse to me. Was it funny? It was for me, since he was a pompous jerk. For him…not so funny. It was then and there I first learned what the expression 'va fan culo' meant.

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        I'm sure it's old hat and uninteresting to y'all with all of your experience, but I loved watching Bizarre Foods. So many things and places I'll never get the chance to experience in person…

        Also why I love reading your sites…I love being able to see it through your eyes!

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    Hi Michael, Bizarre as it may seem, May 30th is ITICA National Fish and Chips Day. ITICA is the Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association. We handle their advertising in the agency. Have a look at the site we developed for them at

    National Fish and Chips Day has been an outrageous success for the Italian chippers. I will probably be focussing on this for a post of some sort straight after the day. If you would like something Irish Italian for during the month, shout. I know them quite well and I have a great handle on their history and unique heritage here in Ireland.

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        Thanks :) Great tour you're about to do… One tip in Rome: visit the district Coppede'! It's located between Corso Nomentana and Corso Trieste. Absolutely worth visiting and not so known by tourists.. 😉 I love the spots where you can still find the real Italy (that's what my blog is more or less about)…
        Well, have fun and will be following your blog 😀

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          Please tell me more about those areas. I lived in Rome for a bit and have not knowingly visited either. My writing and my work are often about my years of living and working in Italy, for Italy, or in the pursuit of Italy. We typically spend a few months a year there so any suggestions are always appreciated. My direct email is if there is any further detail you would enjoy sharing. Do you know the blog (Katie is a dear friend and I love her take on life in the eternal city)

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            First of all, what a great job you must have 😉 !!
            If anything other pops up in my mind I will send you an email…for sure!! Even though I'm not sure if the 'tips' I give you are useful for your work…you can enjoy these places just for yourself :).
            Thanks for sharing the link to your friends blog. I didn't know it yet (I'm only blogging for 2 months) but I'll definitely check it out!

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              I was one of the founders and owners of this travel company in Puglia: We developed the authentic travel experiences in Southern Italy and while I am no longer an owner (sold my part in the company to write full time in 2011) it is still very near and dear to me. Once we go to Friuli and Le Marche this year there will remain only 1 Italian state I have not at least visited. So, my project on this trip is to photograph some of the more obscure and high quality wine areas and create media pieces (as well as some book art) for the work. :-) I think you and I may have quite a lot in common :-)


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