Finally – We Have Arrived

Morning "Tea" at the Garden of the Gods

Finally, after 1 full year of deliberation, hard work, and emotional trauma, Juliet and I have left Houston, packed most of our belongings into storage, sold 1 car, sold our Italian travel company, and moved to Colorado. This is the beginning of a new life of travel, writing, photography, and fulfillment of a longtime dream for us. I have toiled (mostly happily) in food, wine, and travel for nearly 15 years and with all of the amazing adventures I have had my dreams of writing that were hatched as a 6 year-old child have remained constant. Juliet and I have taken a very creative and alternative career path to allow¬† me to focus on writing my first book. Through my blog I will reveal components of the life experiences from which I will draw to mold the overarching narrative of this first piece of “stylized” non-fiction.

Stay with me fellow Blissful Adventurers and prepare for the ride. No punches pulled and no subject too taboo for this writer who is bursting at the brain to share his views of the planet and observations of humanity that will hopefully provoke thought, amusement, confusion, and mostly laughter. The Adventure Begins!

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