Haiku Sunday – 14,000 Feet Above Normal

This week’s Haiku Sunday from 14,000 feet above our normal life commemorates the 4th of July hike on Mount Evans and Summit Lake we took with the brilliant food travel writers Come due Maiali (like two pigs). I¬†strongly¬†encourage everyone to dive into their lovely blog and find out what happens when a Russian Princess meets an American Renaissance man and they begin to tango around the world.

Haiku Sunday - 14,000 Feet above Normal

If I only had

a brain said the scarecrow as

he leapt from his perch

Haiku Sunday - 14,000 Feet above Normal

Tapping and tapping

he stared out into the vast

empty parts of him

Haiku Sunday - 14,000 Feet above Normal

The haze was welcomed

after the sun had shone so bright

almost as the night

Haiku Sunday - 14,000 Feet above Normal

un po di neve

sulla terra della

montangna oggi

Haiku Sunday - 14,000 Feet above Normal

this tree is like me

said the man with the hair and eyes

younger than his age

Haiku Sunday - 14,000 Feet above Normal

grip the purple cap

pull it tight to the heart of it

then let it go slow

Haiku Sunday - 14,000 Feet above Normal

it peeked through the peak

hoping not to sleep or eat

just to meet and seek

Haiku Sunday - 14,000 Feet above Normal

icy black and cold

the swimming favors the bold

limericks get old

Haiku Sunday - 14,000 Feet above Normal

from the east to west

from the sea to the mountains

high as high were they


  1. says

    So many lovely photos . . . I can hardly choose one that speaks more favorably then the other. Looks as if it was a wonderful day, spent in equally wonderful company.

    Hope you are well today, my friend,

    ~ Cara

    • Michael Housewright says

      It was a lovely day! Colorado always sneaks up on me with its majesty. How are you? How is the book launch coming?

    • Michael Housewright says

      I am walking in the deep peace today! Feeling like we are on the verge of getting the show on the road. I have not seen anything from you lately. Are you taking a blog break?

    • Michael Housewright says

      I will go and check this out on your site! I am working so much to get my site correct that it may be awhile before I can post the obligations of the award, but I sure am grateful for getting it :-) Cheers to you John!

  2. says

    Thanks for the recommendation to go to Mount Evans. Loved it when I was there, and your photos remind me of the great trip full of views and new friends. It was my first "fourteener." Cheers.

    • Michael Housewright says

      how are you guys?! Mt Evans is awesome. I really hope someday to get up there when it is sunny

    • Michael Housewright says

      Magpie, you know I love a good limerick!

      There once was an old writer from Bristol

      who was always brandishing his pistol

      a hot lady came to town

      and called him a clown

      because his heart was made of crystal

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