Haiku Sunday – A Collaboration of Photos and Words

So much madness

in the streets of life and only

so little solace

(Photo by Juliet Housewright from her upcoming blog SCHMEE JOURNEYS)

Lace curtains could never

recover from what they have seen 

them do to each other

Photo by Mike Fiveson – photographer and author of the exceptional blog –

Mike’s Look at Life  – Mike’s work and talent inspire my work each day. Follow Mike’s journey through life’s doorways and be ennobled.

The day was opaque

before he burrowed through the pillow

to find her sleeping

In the most banal

of images there is a story

hiding inside us

they called him king Arthur

because he was the bravest wasp

and broke the glass prison

he left his pants on

the stairs as they loved in the

doorway and the floor

confessions of a priest

often fall on the ears of 

a faceless image

he always played close

to home but once he left the confines

discovering it was lies

For Cara today

he thought as he drew color

from the image here

Blue blue blue blue blue

he whistled as he pushed the levers left

leaving only the blue


  1. says

    "For Cara today

    he thought as he drew color

    from the image here"

    . . . . . . . *sigh*

    Sometimes looking at something lovely really does soothe the soul. Thank you, Michael. This picture — all of them! — are simply stunning! Your stories, deriving from behind a lens, are captivating in the most transcendental of ways.

    I agree with Lori: Juliet's picture at the top is beautiful. Please extend my compliments to her. The ability to take the humble leaf and spin her beauty so that she purports majesty; not easy, I would imagine. I am excited for her journey through blogging. With you as her guide, she cannot go wrong. :)

    Happy Monday, friend.

    • says

      Happy Monday to you and thank you so much for your comments. Juliet will be so pleased to get this kind of feedback. I am always grateful for your support and I am glad you enjoyed my little shout out to "this little light"

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