Haiku Sunday – Venice, Italy (I’m Back)

Welcome back to TBA live posts! This feels so good to get back in the Saddle and with over 6000 new images and countless new stories I am thrilled to share with all of you.

I urge you all to click the images below and see them in full resolution. Juliet and I worked like starving artists (we are) to capture the photos along this journey.

Stay tuned for big new changes to the TBA site and I look forward to all your comments and my still very jet-lagged responses.

The first Venice light

of the day spotted a

strange cameraman

The Blissful Adventurer - Michael Housewrightwaiting to work

along the canals once plied

by men of vigor

The Blissful Adventurer - Michael Housewright

Italians posing is

much more wanted than is an

invasion of privacy

The Blissful Adventurer - Michael Housewrightcruise ship lovers will

pay any price for the company of

talented douchebags

The Blissful Adventurer - Michael Housewrightlittle johnny boat

trolling the back canals and

offering candy

The Blissful Adventurer - Michael Housewrightalong our paddle

we saw the sunken dreams

of a man in pain

The Blissful Adventurer - Michael HousewrightMike’s memory was

never far even in the back alleys

of Venetian barsThe Blissful Adventurer - Michael Housewrightcolorful houses

could not hide the colorless

souls of their owners


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        See the notifications that we are IMing on? On the right hand corner there is a "view all" prompt. Now you can click through all of them. WP is not done and is adding other features in coming weeks… :)

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          finally! This is huge! Susie, my blog will not leave WP hosting for now, it will be linked directly from my new site. We are devising a plan not to lose all of this valuable material and thank you as always for your input!

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      The trip was amazing because you provided it. You are my patron and my dearest friend on the earth. The depths of gratitude I have for you I can honestly say I have for nothing else in the universe. Thank you for this and I look forward to so many more with you.
      My love always,

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    Once more, a big welcome home to you. I can imagine it will be a little time before you have fully adjusted, but hopefully going through photos and reliving those moments will help ease the transition back to normalcy. When I was younger and would come home after mission trips, I can always remember feeling the "culture" shock; and usually I had only gone so far as Mexico! You'll be alright, my friend.

    I'm sensing a theme here . . . This area was perhaps not one of the finer areas you visited? Colorless souls. Talented, um . . . well, the pictures are splendid, anyway. you and Juliet's handiwork (literally) certainly paid off. I love the last one.

    Happy Sunday to you, Michael!

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      Actually Cara,
      Venice was simply amazing. It is one of those places where the dichotomy of real and soulful mingle effortless with the vacuous and greedy. When I actually detail my story in Venice it will reveal itself to be one of the most amazing places and experiences I have ever had in Italy. Today was much more about pretty pictures hiding something not so apparently wretched. Italy is a stage so grand for the duality of man that my opinions may likely come off a bit polarizing and could possibly muddle the true essence of humanity I encountered every single day in Italy. No place on the earth so obviously brings me joy, pain, misery, and success over the course of a few short hours and days. I truly lived in 25 days what I can say I had not lived the prior 9 months of my life. Yes, the shock of being home is always that what I love about home is simply the place where I am with my wife and the ease of function and the misery that the human condition in 21st century America is so very glaring and occluding the faces of beauty. Today may not have painted the whole picture of Venice and that is why indeed I have so much more to say. The pictures of Italy remind me quickly of how complex the planet is and how difficult and at the same time brilliant we are as a species. Travel is the most humbling thing I do and the very thing that jerks me by the neck from ivory tower to show me how small I am and how frail. In order to travel I must at least for small moments shelve my introspection in order to exist only to have it return in ways I could never predict in my work. Thanks so much for the welcome home Cara and for the wonderful support over these months.

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    Your pictures are really quite stunning. The first is among the best images of this kind I have seen. Well done, and yeah, the b&w and sentiment are appreciated.

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      Mike, you know what I love about that? That was the very first photo I took on the whole trip and is easily one of the top 5 out of the 6000 images I captured. I could have just shot that one and came home…yeah right! :-) Glad you enjoyed the tribute. I will send you the color shots too of that wicked door

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    Spectacular photos! The colors are so brilliant and everything so clear. Love the haiku, as well!
    I don't know if it's something on your end or mine, but I had to re-subscribe to your blog in order to leave this comment. ???

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    Welcome back! Although we enjoyed the guests, we missed you.

    I like the first one because of the arch reflected in the water, making a sort of "eye". I love the way that Venetian bridges do that. Asian ones probably do too, but I haven't seen those.

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      Lady Marilyn,
      It is so great to see you and I am glad you enjoyed the guest posts. These wonderful bloggers did a great job and perhaps may have picked up a few new followers. It is good to be back!

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    I can understand what you say . . . it's almost like how one feels entitled or permitted to speak in less than flattering sentiments about their family, only because they understand that, above all else, they would take a bullet for any one of them. Italy is your family.

    Hoping you had a relaxing Sunday, friend.

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    Welcome back! Sounds like the trip was awesome and we all get to benefit from your experiences! Thank you SO much for letting me guest blog, it was fun :)

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    Note to Guat self: when catching up with blogs start with the one that says I'm Back … live TBA posts … you know, so there is no confusion :)Great pics!

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    Awesome photographs, I love the colour and decaying decadence of Venice, some consider it a 'theme park' but it is one of my favourite places to visit in Italy. I'm so excited that you were able to find some quiet places in Venice, they are rare and magical but oh so worth it :-)

    BTW, welcome back and thank you for opening my eyes to many other wonderful bloggers during your absence.

  9. Christi N says


    Its me Christi B… my comp will not let me remove the freaking N. lol. wth. oh well…
    Love the photos TBA's

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