I hear and read of coffee (Guest Post)

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I hear and read of coffee
its love, aroma and affect

Black and strong
Cream and sugar

And I must say I dabbled in coffee
it helped in high school and college too

But now with times changing
People embracing new ideals and ways
I joined the movement

I tried tea…

Refined and brewed
Sweet and mint
and of course black and green

It flows anyway I have it

And if the brew is just right
Oh the satisfaction
the fulfillment
and the outcome is always


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    Oh my days…blissful adventurer…I am going to get you for this…we were supposed to work on it remember…lol. It's not perfectly finished yet…ah well, it's out there now. Thanks for the support Michael…bet you and Juliet are having fun.

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    I'll stick with the coffee; never was one to run with the herd. I did try some tea for a while back in the late seventies when I went through kind of a redneck/hippie stage (that didn't pan out too good). There was one tea I really liked, and it would probably be good for old folks that have that er, uh, regularity problem. It was called Morning Thunder, and had more punch than Jolt Cola!
    Love the poem!

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      Thanks Charles…lol at the tea comment. I actually think I just had too much coffee in college from trying to stay awake to cram for an exam :)…tea is just so easy on my soul in my opinion anyways. Glad you enjoyed the poem, thanks again

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    Why do I get the feeling that your comparison of coffee and tea is more than meets the eye? Black and strong brings to mind the African woman as well. No matter how refined fluid and smooth your tea, it can never beat coffee, the symbol of balck womanhood. Well done.

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    I am almost afraid to comment. I drink coffee AND tea. Green tea, Bewley's Clipper Gold leaf tea and, occasionally peppermint tea and commor or garden tea bags.
    I love them all.

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      Ah…that would be some spike :). I saw a drink on some blog yesterday…it's apple and just a bit of rum, I am thinking it would be so good. Thanks Rosy!!!

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    I know :), coffee drinkers are too loyal. Never tried peppermint tea…sounds like it would be yummy around the winter holidays :). Thanks for stopping by and I enjoyed my time on your blog.

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    I just got home. Can you explained what happened? I thought everyone sent me a completed post and I am not sure what I missed…probably a lot in the chaos of this trip and my sincere apologies

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