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Katie Parla is my Favorite Food Writer

Katie Parla is Rome’s best English language food writer. Katie is a longtime Rome resident and driven food savvy adventurer. Ms Parla writes for the New York Times, has a world-class blog Parla Food and has just released a comprehensive app to Rome’s best dining and drinking spots called Rome for Foodies. The app is available for iPhone and Droid and it is an excellent choice for anyone making a trek to Rome.

Follow the link here to see a list of all the features on the app and get a sample of what makes Katie tick.

Katie is a prolific blogger, excellent photographer, and enormously curious person. I love the layout of her blog and the way in which she shares her conviction with humor, honesty, and compelling detail. Here is a short example of one of my favorite Katie Parla Posts:

I’ve always been a pretty dedicated gelato eater, but this year I took things to a whole new level. Throughout the spring and summer, I systematically researched the city’s finest and most famous gelaterias and even made a few handy guides for visitors.

You can read the rest of the post here. It is precisely Katie’s interest in uncovering every detail for a post and for her own curiosity that makes her writing compelling. I live and travel like this and I am enamored with people who seemingly stop at nothing to simply “know” and ultimately “share”. The sharing is what makes blogging rewarding.

I wanted to share this new app with the world because I was so happy to see it come to fruition and at a time when Rome is going through such a renaissance of dining options.

I have followed Katie’s career closely over the past few years since our auspicious introduction and meeting in 2009. Katie has wonderful insight into Rome’s off the beaten path sights, restaurants, and ways to improve life in the city that knows how to live more than all others.

I am writing this today because Katie is an example of dedication to a craft and channeling great passion that I admire greatly. Katie is also an expert on Naples, and Turkey and her knowledge will be at my side as we venture to both this spring. It is my great hope to foster a continued friendship and to continue learning from someone I know is truly living The Blissful Adventure.

I urge all of you to get the Rome for Foodies App

Cheers KP and Congratulations!



  1. says

    I would love to take credit for this very timely and necessary app. However, you know the monumental effort you made to get this up. The good news for me is: you know the path should I decide to create an app of my own one day :-)

    Congrats Katie,
    This will be a huge help to many. I look forward to seeing your app in Travel and Leisure soon 😉

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