IMO Thursday – The Soul-Charging Music of Tyagaraja

Tyagaraja and his wife Gunjen (photo by the amazing Mark Austin)

Music may be the single most important component to cooking at home with Juliet. We are both more at ease and more productive with great music playing. Since our first month together we have seen shows all over the country and in Europe. I can say with great certainty that Tyagaraja (Tea ah garage ah) is our favorite vocalist we have had the privilege to see (numerous times).

Tyagaraja hails from the tiny town of Hutto, TX near Austin and now calls Houston home. He found a connection with India some years ago while with his first band, Million Year Dance. Tyagaraja’s spirituality is undeniable and the eastern influence in his life has led him to the joyous discoveries of yoga, meditation, and his very talented wife, Gunjen. It is clear when you listen to his music that Tyagaraja has a voice imbued by the heavens yet it is his unmistakable presence and natural kindness that I gravitate towards.

As for the music, there are elements of rock and folk wrapped in the silk sari of Tyagaraja’s angelic voice and the use of eastern instrumentation. In the song All the Names of God (below), Tyagaraja has a hit that I know will eventually put him on the national map. I love the composition of this song and I have found it one of the most compelling work-out pieces on my iPhone. The acoustic piece in the video I have included really shows Tyagaraja’s enormous vocal prowess and offers insight into his day-to-day ritual while he records.

Tyagaraja is a talent of enormous magnitude and I feel like Juliet and I met him on the ground floor of his certain sky-scraping build. We even introduced his music in Puglia, Italy in 2010 and I hope we will one day see him perform on the big stage in Rome. Please check out this phenomenal music and consider downloading his work for yourself (paying for it of course :-)

Here is a link to his first album – Open Book

And his latest release single – The Meaning of Life 

[bandcamp track=4121277326  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]


  1. says

    Wow man, thanks so much! I'm humbled over here, it really makes you feel like you are on the right track when you are understood in such detail. Thanks for understanding me. Let's hope the rest of the world shares your vision!

    • says

      You know in my experience, the world that I need to understand me often does and those that do not likely won't. With 7 billion of us here I am confident you will reach that audience who will embrace you around the world. In this amazing community of Bloggers I have met over the past few months I have found so much natural affinity in our paths and I am certain this is because I am at long last doing what I love. You my friend, have been doing that much longer than I have and it will keep growing. Juliet and I miss your shows and we look forward to finding a time in 2012 to hear your work live again. In the meantime, we have our amazing recordings to bring us bits of harmonic joy in our home, our car, and our dreams. A big hug from Colorado my talented friend!

  2. Christi Blakely says

    NICE, this music has a very calming effect. :)
    I have a horrible time sleeping and have thought about getting something like this…. hoping that it would keep me calm enough to rest. :)

  3. Christi Blakely says

    oh yah… We all need more relaxing moments. :)
    I went to his website and am checking it out. I have been listening to his album and am liking what I'm hearing.

    • says

      Wow! Now I know this is a great day at TBA when I get the phenomenal Mike Welch on my comment board! Ladies and gentleman the father and fantastic electric guitar player of and for Tyagaraja..Mike Welch! Welcome to the show and thank you so much for your comment

  4. says

    Listening now, while getting a foot massage in Hong Kong… Going to click the 'Buy' button as soon as the song ends… Beautiful vocals!!!!
    This is how we enrich each others lives… Sharing each other. Thank you :)

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