Gallery NRC 2nd Annual Mobile Phone Juried Show – Juliet is In!

The Blissful Adventurer - Schmee

Welcome Back to The Blissful Adventurer! Our first post from sunny Palo Alto is to announce that Juliet’s spectacular photo, A Bridge Eye View, was selected by a jury and is currently showing at the Mobile Phone Juried Show in Denver, Colorado.

The show actually comprises 3 unique gallery spaces and Juliet’s image is showing at the Gallery NRC on 424 Tennyson Street.

The shot was taken from an old Venetian work boat in a neighborhood canal while we were working with two amazing women from the ancient rowing work boats preservation society (much more about them in a future post)

The only sad part of this news is we will not be able to see the photo in the gallery or attend the artists reception on Friday October 5.

If you are in the Denver area we encourage you to attend and tell your friends.

The images in the show will be voted upon by the jury for best in show as well as In addition there will be a People’s Choice award as well which will be voted on during the duration of the event. For this vote each person who votes will be required to vote on one piece in each of the three locations. As the number of pieces in each location is not evenly balanced weighting will be done to ensure every piece has an equal opportunity to win this vote. As an incentive for people to vote there will also be a prize awarded randomly to those who submit their vote.

This is a very important step for Juliet, the artist known as Schmee, to her growth as a working artist.

We are all finally settling in a bit and will get back to our blogging routine very soon with new stories, photos, and humor.

Here is a brief bio on Schmee for those of you who do not know her personally

Schmee is a young woman seeing the world from rural roots across oceans to lands only dreamed of in her childhood. As a major contributing photographer for The Blissful Adventurer she continues to travel the globe offering yin to her husband’s yang and developing a style with modern visual media that interprets a poetic inner view with a fine realism.

Schmee is a full-time traveling nurse lending her skills to hospitals in need across the globe and in return she is rewarded a daily visual dive into her surroundings

31 years of age, hailing from rural Texas and painting from childhood, the camera is a tool that allows her to paint “on the fly” with light and lenses all the while staying close to her own base in art and design.

This is Schmee’s first show and these are the very first original prints on offer from this rising creative young woman.

More of her work may be seen on the website above and she would enjoy hearing directly from patrons and inquisitive guests.


  1. says

    This is a stunning photograph! My first thought was that it looks like a painting. It's a shame you won't be able to actually make the show. Based this photo, it is sure to be just one of many shows to come. Congrats to Schmee!!

    • Michael Housewright says

      Thank you Mary! This is very exciting for her and it is indeed reminiscent of a painting :-) Thanks for saying hello today :-)


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