Las Vegas – The California Move (Day 3)

Las Vegas - The Blissful Adventurer

Las Vegas – The California Move Day 3

The 4th time was not the charm for me and Las Vegas, NV. I basically have no use for the place and I wanted to bring Schmee with me to see if it was me or if she would validate my general disdain for the place.

I have many friends who love Vegas and I am sure they are the same friends who love Cabo, or The Pink Palace, or tents at golf tournaments. There is something wonderful to some people about cavorting about all knowing that self-imposed rules are being broken and that somehow makes it OK.

I tend to live my life with fewer rules and far fewer burdens of duty than many so to me Vegas just seems like a bit of a shithole. So much so that most of my photos are haphazardly shot which I think was a subconscious act of defiance and to illustrate just how depraved the whole place is.

Las Vegas - The Blissful Adventurer
A Classic Skullet and Banded Collar Shirt

Take our would be Tim McGraw here. He broke out his finest 10 thread count banded collar shirt from the depths of his closet, gelled back that ratty tail and polished the empty nest to channel St Francis as he put his last 3 missing child support checks down on the Blackjack table. He figures he ain’t leavin here till he makes 6 months of trailer payments and has at least one run-in with a working tranny.

Las Vegas - The Blissful Adventurer
What a Town…or is it?

This is actually the inside of the Venetian hotel where they have an actual canal and gondoliers. One of which I recognized from Venice (no kidding) and he was singing a song that disparaged the people around him. I wanted so much to record him as I loved his voice and his sad message. Basically it was look at all these sad people in this sad place and I am the saddest one of them all. I think that was actually me.

There is also a Paris hotel in Vegas and I wonder how many people come here who have never been to Paris or Venice and blow more money than it would take them to go to the actual places themselves rather than the faux examples on the strip.

Of course, I have many sommelier friends who work or have worked here and it helps them get their careers going and gets them a real head start on their own personal study of cirrhosis.

I have lots of wine and dine friends who come here to laud about the wondrous meals and I think, why not just go to New York, San Francisco, or London? Hell, go to Hong Kong. I went to one very average steak dinner and drank decent wine and it was 4 bills for 2 of us. I wanted to hang myself in the morning but that was a $75 convenience charge and I would have to tip the hangman a 10 spot.

Las Vegas - The Blissful Adventurer

Thank God for breakfast at Bouchon. The room and the food were classy. The service was substandard by Keller expectations but was at least friendly. I wanted to simply stay in my seat till I had to leave the following day.

Las Vegas - The Blissful Adventurer
Something wonderful I Could Afford

I get weepy thinking of this buttery goodness.

Las Vegas - The Blissful Adventurer
The Culinary Star of the City

The other real treasure in Vegas is the spectacular Thai restaurant Lotus of Siam. It is not on the strip nor opulent. However, it is the most interesting Thai cuisine I have ever eaten and the wine list blew my mind. The menu has all the ubiquitous Thai dishes as well as some killer things from Northern Thailand. If I was not already excited about our trip to Thailand in March, after dining here I was ecstatic.

Las Vegas - The Blissful Adventurer
A Proper Riesling

This was one of three great Rieslings we consumed with our meal at LOS. I have been singing the praises of this place ever since we left Vegas and it is most definitely the lasting image I choose to keep in the memory banks of our time in this hot, nasty, lascivious city.

If you are curious, Schmee hated the place..I mean really hated it

stay tuned tomorrow for Death Valley, California 


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    Vegas offends the sensibilities of all but the banded-collar initiates, so I hear. Americans are deliriously happy with "faux" no matter in what shape or size it presents itself. I laughed as I read this charming diatribe. Hang yourself in the morning except that death by hanging is far too expensive in Vegas. Thank goodness you were able to salvage something from the visit. Good Thai food and breakfast at Bouchon. The next episode better find you in your element. :-)

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