California Imagery

I live and work in Northern California. These images, often from within an hour of my home, are some of the most striking from my portfolio. With these I do most of my experimentation with brackets, intense colors, and different light. I can always return to a place if I do not like what I got. These are some of my favorite "experiments."


Street Imagery

I am pretty sure street photography is where I am at my spontaneous and creative best. As a theatrically trained artist, I see the world as a stage, but the people are much more than merely players. With my camera and my mobile device, I dive deep into the casual world of human existence, and I don't have to look too far before I run into something beautiful.



My work for various wine publications, and my global travels lead me to meet some fascinating people. From a 4th generation cognac producer to a Colombian-born winemaker creating some of California's most elegant Pinot Noir, I have had the privilege to photograph them in their elements.



My first trip to Africa was a journey to Morocco. No other place I have visited was so rife with moments for photos. I felt as though I was cast into a former age, and life here seemed to have changed little since the end of the 19th century. I will return here again soon.


The Spirits of France

My most important recent project took me to France to document the extraordinary spirits producers of US importer, Charles Neal. We visited 3 major regions covering over 1500 kilometers, in 10 days. This trip was compelling


Vineyard and Winery Images

So, this is what I do for a living. I spent 16 years in the retail and restaurant sectors of the wine business. In essence, I spent my days telling stories about places I may or may not have yet seen. I decided in order to tell the stories I really wanted to tell, I needed to see the properties, taste the wines, and document the life. My work takes me to California, Italy, France, Spain, and anyplace grapes are cultivated for the purpose of making wine. I was in Austria, Turkey, Morocco, SoCal, and Italy last year. My upcoming trips include Piedmont and California's Sonoma Coast. My images have been featured in Wine Enthusiast, Wine Travel Mag, and The Purely Domestic Wine Report. Private winery clients allow me to access their daily lives and to document their stories on their websites and in their marketing materials.


Italy Travels

In the 24 years I have been traveling to Italy, my photography has evolved and so has my understanding of this amazing country and culture. I tend to be here at least once a year, and never for less than 17 days. Certainly a part of my soul lives resides in Italy year round.


General Travel

While my work here is no less exhilarating, the concision of my website requires me to place this series of images into a general travel catalog. Spain, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Turkey all have a presence here.


Mobile Photography

Since 2011 I have used the iPhone family of mobile cameras to capture the immediate world around me. This incredible tool gives me flexibility in my travel images, and the added bonus of discretion, which at my size, is rare. My work in this arena has been published frequently, and I have taught classes on mobile imagery since 2013