Haiku Sunday – 14,000 Feet Above Normal

This week’s Haiku Sunday from 14,000 feet above our normal life commemorates the 4th of July hike on Mount Evans and Summit Lake we took with the brilliant food travel writers Come due Maiali (like two pigs). I strongly encourage everyone to dive into their lovely blog and find out what happens when a Russian Princess meets an American Renaissance man and they begin to tango around the world.

Haiku Sunday - 14,000 Feet above Normal

If I only had

a brain said the scarecrow as

he leapt from his perch
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Buon Viaggio Blissful Adventurers – The Journey Begins

Blissful Adventurer - Michael Housewright

Vineyards in Alto Adige

Ciao Followers of Bliss! As you read this I am boarding a flight for Venice and I want to salute you all for being so supportive and leave you for a bit with lasting images of Italy in anticipation of many more shots to come.

Please stay tuned tomorrow for our first guest blogger Come due Maiali (like 2 pigs in Italian). CDM are some of my dearest friends and are amazing food travelers. Please check out their piece on France and dive into their blog. Rumor has it these two pigs can dance like 2 angels.

Cheers to you all and enjoy the tour of Italy and some of my favorite bloggers over the next 25 days! [Read more…]

7 X 7 Link Award – I was nominated for this but I don't know if I win anything

What's Our Vector Victor?

My wonderful longtime friends over at Come due Maiali (Like Two Pigs) nominated me for this award. I love their blog and especially their take on locally grown foods and how they prepare them.

I did some research on the award itself and I could not find any criteria for how to win nor how to even compete. In effect it just seemed like a chain letter or a thinly veiled Pyramid scheme. I also do not see anyway to know that if I nominate fellow bloggers they will not have been previously nominated and will look disparagingly upon my insistence to comply with the rules. [Read more…]