Why I Travel – Or how I almost became a Mexican DJ Part 4

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Now I begin the final 2 chapters of this story that shaped my life into what it has become. This is also Free Write Friday and the theme is Your One Amazing Summer.

Since this is part 4 of a continuing story about “my one amazing summer” I want to enter it for #FWF consideration; however, I do not intend to follow the rules so perhaps they will let me audit this week’s assignment.

Here are links to the first 3 parts

Part 1 – Part 2 Part 3

I travel because trips make memories and unlike cars or furniture memories last forever

My father said this to me sometime before we ever took this famed first trip together. To this day I believe it and live by it. I have nothing of great substance as far as possessions go, but my memories are woven into the fabric of my existence. [Read more…]

Free Write Friday – and the Cow Says…

Belle the Baldy

I have recently fallen hard for a wonderful blog called Magic in the Backyard by a very talented Southern writer, Kellie ElmoreThe blog is also the title of her first book due to be released in 10 days. I came to WordPress with the intention to write a book and I am inspired by the number of people who are out here and succeeding at this unconventional method.

Kellie has a wonderful component of her blog called Free Write Friday where Kellie posts something on the subject of the day and we as fellow writers blog on that subject without stopping, without correcting punctuation or grammar to see where the free-flow of ideas will take us. I am going to participate in this today and I will follow the rules. All of my grammarian readers out there I always appreciate your edits and if you wouldn’t mind refraining today whilst I complete this exercise. [Read more…]