Your Life is a Trip – My Latest Published Piece

Zabriskie Point - The Blissful Adventurer

On top of my own Mountain

Your Life as a Trip – is one of the most fantastic travel publications on the web. I am honored to be included among their celebrated travel writers and here is a link to my first piece on the site: An American Male on the Make in Italy .

I hope you will make this wonderful experiential storytelling site part of your reading routine. Ellen Barone and Judith Fein are two of the most extraordinary people in the travel writing and photography business, and I am so grateful to them for the opportunity to share my work.

Please take a look and leave your comments on the site. I promise to get back to you.

Cheers Blissful Adventurers!


Top 25 Italy Moments #11 – Siena Church Driving (New Material)

The Blissful Adventurer Top 25 Italy Moments continues with #11 – Siena Church Driving. After our most recent trip to Italia I had to augment my Top 11 posts with some amazing new experiences which blew us away. We have gotten the list together and now we continue with the rest of the story. 

The Blissful Adventurer Top 25 Italy Moments #11 - Siena Church Drive

Juliet ready to assume her navigator position

#11 Siena Church Driving

I started driving in Italy on a regular basis in 2006. Since then I have driven vans, cars, and bicycles. I have pulled trailers, ridden in dump trucks, and driven cars on and off of very tightly packed ferries. I have used a Euro GPS and a modified American Garmin Nuvi 275. I can say with all certainty none of those experiences prepared me for #11 on my list of Top 25 Italy moments. [Read more…]

The Grape Harvest – Part 3 #TravelFiction

Nebbiolo Grapes - 2nd Crop



Mike realizing he could do no more decided to live with his look as well as his garb and went for the door. Just as he pulled the handle his iPhone buzzed on the nightstand. Another fucking birthday reminder he thought as he went to the phone and saw the SMS – “maybe you shouldn’t”

There was no number attached to the message yet this note was clearly not the work of internet marketing. Mike instinctively looked about the room now as the sun was breaking the fog in all directions and created individual search lights through the bits of dust as they appeared to be in perpetual flight. Of course there was no one there but this was now two cryptic notes less than 20 minutes apart in arrival and neither with a claimed author. [Read more…]

The Grape Harvest – Part 2 (Travel Fiction)

The Villa and the Vineyards

PART 1 (essential to understanding Part 2)

Mike looked over the note one final time. Was it Mary, the American who works for the winery? Who even knows he was here besides his agent and the villa staff? He was hungry so he was just going to have to find out. The mirror called to him one last time and he decided that the black V-Neck masked his cheese belly better than the light grey sweater he was wearing. He changed quickly and rubbed his hands down across his abdomen hoping he might smooth away a bit of the curd that had developed along his midsection.

Mike had always been lean and with a high metabolism. It was only recently that his drinking had begun to breakdown the muscle along his core and give his belly button a 270 degree look at the world. Belly buttons are not to be noticed he thought as he took in the largest breath of air he could manage while thrusting his shoulders back. He wanted to gaze a final time in the mirror before exiting the safety of his room, for what awaited him at breakfast. [Read more…]

The Grape Harvest – Part 1

Housewrighter - The Grape Harvest

Mike awoke, and as was often the case did not immediately know where he was. In that space between light and shadow he dreamed. Mike called these awake dreams and often began speaking aloud to characters that were not present, even before he was unconscious and by all accounts, still awake.

This morning his dream framed images of his uncle shot at close range by his cousin and then a victim list on a television news broadcast. The confusion of time shifting always makes perfect sense in a dream and when Mike would become cognizant of an absurd shift is usually when he would wake or on other occasions fall deeper into the dream. [Read more…]