Evergreen Colorado Barn

Michael Housewright - The Blissful Adventurer

Rain-soaked and waiting for its closeup

I decided to do an impromptu hike the other day in Evergreen, Colorado. The Three Sisters open space at around 8200 feet in elevation made for a lovely start to my day until a sudden storm sent me fleeing towards the parking area where I found this boarded barn that appears to have housed The Evergreen Parks and Rec District or at least at one time was part of their system. (click any image to enlarge and use the “back” button to return to the post) [Read more…]

Haiku Sunday – A Collaboration of Photos and Words

So much madness

in the streets of life and only

so little solace

(Photo by Juliet Housewright from her upcoming blog SCHMEE JOURNEYS) [Read more…]

A Photo Walk with – Mike 5Son

Their Grammar or the Door?

This morning I took a walk with Mike Fiveson, author of Mike’s Look at Life. We met in the quirky town of Ft. Lupton, Colorado. The town nor the imageĀ opportunities disappointed.

Mike as many of you is the king of door photos. I found this door to be an appropriate beginning to this little photo post dedicated to a wonderful new friend and talented blogger.

Of course the best shots I took all day with my iPhone (D7000 shots coming for Haiku Sunday) were portraits of Mike. I promised not to post any of these without his approval so perhaps they will make it in Sunday’s edition.

Cheers to you Mike! [Read more…]

Lakewood, CO – Sunrise

The Biggest Benefit of 6AM Awakenings

I had planned to write about another great hike Juliet and I made yesterday; however, nature had another plan and as soon as I got home from dropping Juliet at work I grabbed the D7000 and headed out in the street. [Read more…]