Juliet’s Hisptamatic Tour of Colorado

Twin Lakes on the way down from Independence Pass

The other and most important half of The Blissful Adventurer team is Juliet Housewright, my talented wife and photographer.

Juliet has a keen eye for design, fashion, and aesthetic which she uses to create compelling images.

Keep in mind that many of these images were taken with an iPhone 3G (including the shot above) which has a relatively poor level of resolution, yet she really documented beautifully our first 6 months living in Colorado.

The Hipstamatic App for iPhone is not for everyone; it does however speak to Juliet and me in our journeys and we are grateful it is such a reasonably priced and easy to use app.

Enjoy the show! [Read more…]

Boulder Colorado – Pizza – Drinks – Coffee Hike

Juliet and I were feeling cooped up yesterday after poor weather forced us to cancel our 4 day weekend in Moab, UTAH. On a whim Juliet suggested we go to Boulder to eat Salumi and Pizza at the wonderful Pizzeria Locale.

This wonderful and true Italian pizzeria always delivers an outstanding product indicated by the perfect pie above with mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella, and a wonderfully tangy tomato sauce.

The wine in the glass there was from Sicily – A Cerasuola [Read more…]