The Colorado Comeback – What Happened to Maui?

Our Drive North Begins Today

That’s right Blissful Adventurers, our travel plans took a sharp turn down the degree ladder and we are returning for 13 weeks to Colorado!

What a crazy 48 hours we just experienced. We were going to Maui, staying in Houston, and now suddenly back to Colorado.

This is actually a good thing and almost certainly guarantees our return to beloved Italia in May.

We leave today from Houston and Juliet actually begins her new assignment on Monday in Colorado…Holy Crap!!

So for everyone hating us for going to Maui, we listened, and for everyone who loves to ski, please come see us in Colorado.

We love visitors :-)

Our Life Operates in Shades of Grey


  1. S. Harriman says

    The title of this post clearly suggests an explanation, yet we are merely given a restatement of known facts. Fraud, I say. Fraud!

  2. says

    Basically, I cannot do what I am doing and work on my projects in Europe with an additional 4 hours in time difference. In addition, Juliet received a "better offer" in Colorado. I also saved myself 80,000 airline miles which will come in handy…
    I hope that clears it up a bit…a bit

  3. says

    You know . . . Maui is great and all, and while Hawaiian sunsets are legendary, I have seen some in CO that rival their pretty pink skies with equal magnificence. Also — you can't ski in Hawaii. Enough said.
    Congrats to your wife on her new assignment!

    • says

      Thanks for the vote of confidence on CO. We just spent 6 months here and enjoyed it very much. Maui would have been fun, just not the right timing. As for sunsets, they are what get me out of the house with the camera on most days.
      I am sure they will be amazing from here in Lakewood.

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