The Lair of the Bear – A Colorado Hike

Color Change Along a Melting Creek

Yesterday Juliet and I went on our 3rd hike of the season. The Lair of the Bear was the name of the trail and while we never saw the Bears or their lairs we did encounter much more snow and mud than we anticipated.

Posing in the Snow

I already have a very high center of gravity so trudging through slush, ice, and mud at steep angles makes me quite nervous carrying $2500 worth of camera. Hence, the pace was slow and once I strapped on my WinterTrax over my shoes, I was on my way; albeit slowly.

Enjoy the shots and let me know if you know any other great (and less snowy) hikes within 20-30 minutes of Denver.

I think I am starting to dial in my newest lens a bit. I will post the other 15 photos on FLICKR this afternoon.

Intermittent sun made for some fun colors on the banks of the snowy creek.

Large section of melting ice

The Snow Melt is such a powerful force of nature

Cut rocks create an erosion barrier along the banks

Bluffs above our trail

A 20th Century Castle near the end of the trail

Incomplete Bird's Nest

Lovers perched on a boulder

Our buddy and her snow dance

The sun's descent

Juliet and our Intrepid Guide Courtney

Juliet enjoying the view and NOT the wind


  1. says

    Back in the days when my knees were in the hiking mood, I could find no one to go hiking with. Now I just have to enjoy hiking through the pictures of others. Not as much fun, but it will have to do.

  2. says

    Juliet is a good sport. I would have preferred to have had coffee in some nice, warm, dry coffee house! These are good shots. You are dialing in that new lens. I think you got there with these. I really like the b&w of the water. It looks far more powerful than it is, but only my head knew that!

    • says

      Juliet really is the best sport! Yes, the intention of the shot was to create the feeling of a huge arctic snow melt…if I could have recorded the dulcet trickle of the creek it would have been quite funny I think to add to the blog

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