To Juliet on our 2nd Anniversary

My Kind of Bride

“O my love, my wife!
– William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 5.3

As the Royal wedding was yesterday I find it appropriate to quote some Shakes publicly for the first time in our 4 and 1/2 year journey as we generally try to avoid references to R&J. Today is about much more than a milestone, a single moment in time, or the business of celebration. Today is about discovery, just as everyday has been since December 11, 2006. This week has been about reflection for me and the realization that Juliet has given so much to our relationship and I am not sure I have ever expressed my gratitude completely.

My dear best friend and partner, I am the one today who looks inwardly to question my ability and my resolve to love so unconditionally and to serve you with the same inexhaustible support you have given me for 4+ years. It is I that must know if I am capable of loving so thoroughly and so diligently the direction which you choose with each passing day just as you embrace the course I have chosen. Today as we celebrate 2 years of union recognized by the state I can say with all surety that I grow more thoroughly impressed by you and your ability to ride the waves of our atypical life. You are indeed a bright and shining beacon of continuity and connection to the visceral world for me. Even now as I am here listening to our beloved Beethoven station on Pandora I cannot for a moment consider the void my life would have without my dearest friend and supporter. I can become so distracted by the travails of quixotic creative intent, yet I am always and without fail so happy when you come through the door each day or when you emerge from a coma-like slumber and call to me with your eyes still glazed and assure me that no matter the direction or return to basics that our lives become you are unquestionably my greatest ally.

Today, we celebrate a union that was conceived through fortune and will. I was fortunate enough you were willing to accept me as the quirky, cocky, effusively opinionated man I am. In just about every way I can conceive of this notion I come back to wondering how it could be. I am truly fortunate and perhaps among those who espouse to be lucky,on this day I feel without equal. I may never publish a word or give another public speech so long as I live. I may never make another meal that elevates an evening to the company of the sublime. I may never piece together another performance of any kind with merit enough to be called art. However, I do indeed know that my greatest prize and likely least deserved stroke of fortune was having met you my dear Juliet.

On this day 2 years ago I was distracted, insecure about my professional life, and way too fat to be myself in my very fine suit you had chosen for me. However, when the Morricone played and I saw your darling face and felt the tracks of moisture in your hands as you reached out for me while brushing back tears of joy (mixed with fear) I was immediately at home and at ease.

I know I am a full head of steam often without regard for warnings of icy tracks. I know I am hell-bent on being hell-bent and I may be as ridiculous and prideful now as I was as a redneck kid in Ennis. Yet, your devotion to me, your belief in the journey, and the fact that what you do each day moves the world; mutes my pettiness and humbles me as I stand in awe of you and your value to the planet. I knew that day 2 years ago what I know now, I am capable and willing to love you for this fleeting lifetime and hopefully well beyond.

When Jimmy Page hit the first chord on track 1 of LZ 2 we were married in the eyes of the public,but our marriage began long before that.

Happy Anniversary dear Juliet and may our lives continue to be filled with “A Whole Lotta’ Love”

La veste dei fantasmi del passato
cadendo lascia il quadro immacolato
e s’alza un vento tiepido d’amore
di vero amore
E riscopro te
“Il Mio Canto Libero” – Lucio Battisti



  1. julie says

    "You are indeed a bright and shining beacon of continuity and connection to the visceral world for me." Seriously Houseboat?!? That line bought you at least one more lifetime. Breathtaking.


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